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Welcome to the Mr. Platters website

Mr. Platters is a Midrand-based catering company that provides fine-quality foods for corporate and small businesses, as well as for private functions. Whether you need catering for business meetings or lunches, office functions, or private functions, Mr. Platters is the ideal choice. We specialise in platters and hot meals, and all our food is freshly-made on our premises.

In addition to our original Classic Menu, we have since introduced a variety of platters & meals to suit everyone's culinary tastes, including Morning, Sandwich, Cheese, Meat, Seafood, and Vegetarian platters, as well as hot meal pre-packs, vegetable side dishes, salads, bread platters, beverages, and desserts & sweets. We also now offer menus that cater specifically for functions.

All our menus can be found below (just click on the desired menu to open the link and explore), where you will find an array of choices catering for every taste. We look forward to your business!




Croissants, muffins, scones, pancakes, fruit, etc.


The original Mr. Platters Classic Menu


Sandwich platters - with cocktail snacks, cold meats, kebabs, pastries, etc.


Cheese platters - with cocktail snacks, bruschetta, tramezzinis, etc.


Meat platters (cold meats, kebabs, etc.) - with cocktail snacks, pastries, etc. 


A selection of seafood platters


A selection of vegetarian platters


Hot & wholesome meat & vegetarian pre-packed meals


Vegetable side dishes, salads, breads 


Soft drinks, fruit juices, mineral water 


Tasty treats & sweets 


Menus designed specifically for functions 


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